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As a global supplier of complete solutions dedicated to thermal comfort for industrial vehicles and leisure automobiles’ operators, Siroco has developed a new centrifugal blower offering a 700m3/h nominal airflow and a great compactness/performance ratio.

Responding for more than 20 years to increasingly demanding specifications, Siroco develops, manufactures and assembles compact HVAC systems in small and medium size production for OEM equipment.

“Limited by space constraints inside the cabin, our customers were demanding more and more compact air conditioning units. However, it is sometimes hard to produce enough air flow to get the heating and cooling capacities needed. The development of this compact and powerful ventilator – which has never existed before on our markets – was inescapable” explains Julien Brochier, Siroco’s sales manager.

Specific tooling development

For this project, the SIROCO ENGINEERING department has especially worked on the development of the turbine’s volute. Thanks to the 3D printing, several iterations allowed to optimize the performances and the efficiency of the electric motor. Thus, Siroco has reshaped the turbine’s volute in order to get the best flow/pressure curve and the lowest sound level possible.

No similar product on the current HVAC market

“On the recurring duty points, there is no similar product on the current HVAC market” indicates Christopher Ray, test engineer within the Siroco engineering department dedicated to the improvement, development and prototyping of standard and customized products.

The engineering department also carried out a range of controls, whose the speed and air flow measurement according to the circuit pressure thanks to the pressure compensation of the aeraulic bench.

With a 700 m3/h nominal air flow, the strong point of the turbine is the operation under load and the flow/pressure curve. In other words, the TS700 enables to generate 500 m3/h under 400 Pa: these performances are more than enough to cool a small or a medium sized cabin with an air filtration system.

Find the technical specifications and the performances of the TS700 centrifugal blower

For more information on Siroco’s blowers, please contact Julien Brochier, Siroco’s sales manager: + 33 4 72 79 13 29.