June 5, 2023 : World Environment Day

Published on 05/06/2023


SIROCO is committed to respecting the environment as part of its industrial activity.

For this reason, Siroco has adopted a committed environmental policy, based on the awareness and active involvement of all our employees and partners. In line with the international ISO 14001 standard, Siroco’s environmental approach focuses on concrete initiatives linked to its activities, notably fire safety, controlling environmental impacts in our design process and reducing our carbon footprint.


Find out more about the measures we have implemented:


Commitment to CO2 reduction targets

SIROCO is committed to reducing our CO2 emission ratio. Siroco has set ourselves a reduction target of -4.2% per year, aligned with the Science Based Targets (SBTi) initiative and the COP 21 Paris agreements. This commitment demonstrates the determination to actively combat climate change.


Reducing energy consumption

By better controlling the energy consumption of gas and electricity required for our business aimed at minimizing the carbon footprint.


Optimized waste management

SIROCO has established selective sorting on our site to recover our waste, and has identified two families of waste to facilitate their recycling:

  • OIW (ordinary industrial waste): This non-hazardous waste is treated in the same way as household waste.
  • HIW (Hazardous Industrial Waste): This waste contains pollutants and presents a danger to the environment (e.g. glue tubes, aerosols).


Reducing paper consumption

SIROCO has implemented measures to reduce our paper consumption, favoring electronic communication and optimizing document printing.


Pollution prevention and product life cycle

When developing our products, SIROCO is committed to considering its environmental impact at every stage of their life cycle, from the extraction and sourcing of raw materials, through their production, to the end-of-life and recycling of materials. By taking this into account, SIROCO assesses and identify potential areas for improvement in terms of design, choice of materials, production and logistics. This enables the company to develop more sustainable and environmentally-friendly products, while meeting the needs of customers.


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