Published on 30/04/2024


The E-SANOA EHVAC & EHV are now available with heating voltages ranging from 48V to 600V.


The combined electric air-conditioning and electric heating only versions are now available with the following heating voltages:

  • 48V
  • 80-96V
  • 120V
  • 240V
  • 400-600V

The E-SANOA has 3 fan speeds and an integrated anti-icing thermostat.

The EHVAC version has a cooling capacity of 4 kW, a heating capacity of 2.7 kW and a nominal air flow rate of 420 m3/h.

The EHV version has a heat output of 3.1 kW and a nominal air flow rate of 600 m3/h.

Supplied with electrical connectors, the E-SANOA units have different front panels:

  • with 6 Ø55mm sleeves
  • with 4 metal/black or black diffusers


Looking for a thermal version of the SANOA?

All functions are covered by the SANOA, which is also available in combined heating and air conditioning (HVAC), air conditioning only (VAC) and heating only (HV) versions.

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