Published on 18/06/2024


Development and tests of a complete tailor-made HVAC system designed for a construction engin in compliance with ISO 10263 standards.


Product development & improvement

For this project, Siroco Engineering has been chosen to develop and test a complete thermal system including a vertical HVAC unit, a condenser and a compressor. Several improvements were made to the solution. First of all the stand up unit design has been optimized – notably the shape of the plastic part – so the product has a more powerful airflow. Then component dimensions has been adapted to decrease the pressure drop. At last the choice of the blower has been made especially to decrease the electric consumption. For a complete thermal solution, Siroco also supplied the compressor and the condenser in a good size so the HVAC system can run at 45°C.

Assembly & tests of the HVAC system in climatic chamber

In order to evaluate the new HVAC system in terms of performances in cab conditions, the Stand Up HVAC unit is assembled in the construction machine and placed in the climatic chamber. External conditions were controlled in accordance with ISO 10263 standards.

Sensors are placed to gather information about:

  • inlet/outlet air condenser
  • A/C system pipes
  • Outlet louvers
  • Inlet fresh air & recycled air.



Thanks to several test configurations, Siroco Engineering concludes to the validation of the airflow performances, the cooling performances and the heating performances of the thermal solution for a construction engin in compliance with ISO 10263 standards.


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