Compact vertical air conditioning designed to air-condition small and medium-sized vehicles such as public works engins, agricultural machinery, airport vehicles, road sweeper, forklift  and special vehicles.

The STAND UP I EVAP features 4 adjustable air diffusers, 2 control knobs with 3 fan speeds, and an anti-icing thermostat.

Easy to install inside the cab, the STAND UP II is supplied with a connector and cable valve.

For a complete solution, add a Cierzo 8 kW condenser, compressor and filter drier.

Option of back mounting via 4 M6 inserts or 4 brackets.

Technical summary

  • 3 speed ventilation
  • Voltage: 12V or 24V
  • Including "ati-freezing" thermostat
  • Expansion valve O-ring connection
  • Supplied with connector and valve for cable valve
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Technical characteristics
Voltage Electrical power Weight Nominal air flow rate Cooling capacity
12/24 V 150 W 9,3 kg 350 m3/h 7.5 kW