2 versions : air conditioning or combined heating and air conditioning.


Ideal for medium and large cabs, the SAMSON can be installed horizontally inside the cab, flush-mounted, under the operator’s seat or under the roof. The SAMSON HVAC & EVAP, the most powerful unit of its range, meets the air conditioning and heating needs of ambulances, utility vehicles, forklift trucks and minibuses.

Available in 12V and 24V, the HVAC version offers a cooling capacity of 9.8kW, a heating capacity of 9.2kW and a nominal airflow of 770m3/h.

The AC version, available in 12V and 24V, offers a cooling capacity of 9.2kW and a nominal air flow rate of 800m3/h for an electrical capacity of 310W.

Different front panels are available:

  • Version F: 4 Sensyo II XL 96 air diffusers
  • Version D: 6 sleeves D55 to screw

For a complete solution, combine the SAMSON with the CONDENSER CIERZO 8 KW or to the ELECTROVENTILE CONDENSER 815 .

Technical summary

  • 3-speed ventilation
  • Voltage: 12V or 24V
  • HVAC version: Ø16mm hose diameter
  • Including “anti-freezing” thermostat
  • Expansion valve for flange
  • Optional brushless ventilator
  • Supplied with mounting kit and connector
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Technical Specifications
Type Voltage Electrical power Weight Nominal air flow Heating capacity Cooling capacity
HVAC 12/24 V 300 W 10 kg 770 m3/h 9,2 kW 9,8 kW
EVAP 12/24 V 310 W 11 kg 800 m3/h - 9,2 kW