Compact and powerful water heater available with different fronts: the 3D version with 3 sleeves (Ø40 to Ø70mm) and the 4D version with 4 sleeves Ø30 to Ø50mm.

Technical summary

  • 2 or 3 fan speeds
  • Supply voltage: 12V or 24V
  • Connection Ø14 and Ø16mm
  • Different facades :
  • 3D version: 3 sleeves (Ø40 to Ø70mm)
  • 4D version: 4 sleeves (Ø30 to Ø50mm)
  • Optional air inlet accessories: protective grille or sleeve (Ø40 to Ø70mm)
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Technical characteristics
Type Voltage Electrical power Weight Nominal air flow rate Heating capacity water Heating capacity ethylene glycol
TENERE PERFORMA 3D 12/24V 85 W 1.9 kg 314 m3/h 6.65 kW 6.05 kW
TENERE PERFORMA 4D 12/24V 80 W 1.9 kg 297 m3/h 6.45 kW 5.9 kW