Electric rooftop heating and air-conditioning unit, compact, powerful and easy to mount, ensuring optimal comfort for operator in cab. 

Ideal for engins with limited space in cab and/or limited space in the engine compartment, the E-SOLANO TOP EHVAC is easy to mount on the roof via 4 M6 holes.

The electric E-HVAC version, available in 48V and 80V, offers a cooling capacity of 5kW, a heating capacity of 2,5kW and a nominal air flow of 365m3/h, for a 160W electrical power.

Also exists in HVAC and AC versions. 

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Technical summary

  • Heating & air-conditioning unit
  • 3 speed ventilation
  • Voltage : 12V or 24V
  • Heating voltage : 48V or 80V
  • Including anti-freezing thermostat
  • Clamping on the roof with 4 M6 holes
  • Expansion valve O-ring connection
  • Supplied with electrical connectors
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Technical Specifications
Heating voltage Electrical power Weight Nominal air flow Heating capacity Cooling capacity
48V 160 W 10 kg 365 m3/h 2,5 kW 5 kW
80V 160 W 10 kg 365 m3/h 2,3 kW 5 kW