Rooftop electric air-conditioning or heating & air-conditioning unit

Ideal for industrial electric vehicles, the E-DUO TOP is easy to install horizontally on the roofs of cabins for construction, agricultural, airport, ambulance, urban electric and materials handling vehicles, thanks to its lifting hooks and fixing screws.

Available in 12V and 24V, the E-DUO TOP is available as an electric air-conditioning heating version (E-HVAC) and as an electric air-conditioning only version (E-VAC) with compressor voltage ranges from 24V to 96V. In its E-HVAC version, the E-DUO TOP offers a cooling capacity of 4.3 kW and a heating capacity of 2.4 kW. The E-VAC version offers a maximum cooling capacity of 6kW.

For the E-HVAC version, the nominal air flow is 360 m3/h and 465 m3/h for the E-VAC version.

The E-DUO can be completed by :

Also available in heat pump version.

Technical summary

  • Voltage 12V or 24V
  • 3-speed ventilation
  • Parallel flow technology
  • Horizontal receiver drier
  • Silent block anti-vibration et anti-noise
  • 6 fastening screws
  • 4 lifting hooks
  • Gaz R134a
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Technical Specifications
Typ Compressor voltage Ventilation electric power Capacity Compressor power consumption Heating capacity Cooling capacity
E-HVAC 48V 250W 27cc 2560W 2,4 kW 4,3 kW
E-HVAC 80V 250W 27cc 2560W 2,3 kW 4,3 kW
E-HVAC 96V 250W 18cc 1150W 2,4 kW 3,8 kW
E-VAC 24V 375W 24cc 2380W - 5 kW
E-VAC 48-80V 375W 27cc 2560 - 6 kW
E-VAC 96V 375W 18cc 1150W - 4 kW