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Slash heatingHeating


New way of calculating powers

Siroco provides additional information on the calculation parameters and guaranties the actual performances of its products at the following conditions: Pure water: 100%, Ethylene glycol: 50%. With the help of our commercial department, we invite you to define optimal operating conditions of your product  and to choose related accessories.

Heating capacity

Tests were performed in SIROCO and values are given for the following nominal operating conditions: Air inlet temperature: -20°C, Water flow: 0,5 m3/h, Pure water 100% / Ethylene glycol 50%, Water inlet temperature: +80°C, Nominal air flow.

Air flow

Aeraulic curves (air flow/pressure) have been established on SIROCO test benches. Nominal values are given at zero back-pressure (0 Pa). Ventilation test voltage is 13 Volts (12V nominal). Ventilation test voltage is 26 Volts (24V nominal).