UPH150 hydraulic compressor

Thanks to the use of a hydraulically driven compressor, you can always call on the full power of the air conditioning system even when the machine is at a standstill. This means you can meet the most demanding requirements, particularly in the mining, agriculture, transport and construction sectors.

Technical summary

  • Motor voltage : 12-24V
  • Compressor displacement : 145cc
  • Compressor R134a coupler ports
  • O-Ring fitting type
  • Compressor lubricant : PAG56
  • Compressor initial oil charge : 160cc
  • Hydraulic command valve not supplied
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Technical Specifications
Motor voltage Motor Max. Pressure Capacity Max. RPM
12-24V 250 bars 145cc (compressor)
14cc (hydraulic motor)
6000 RPM (compressor)
3000RPM (hydraulic motor)