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Designing the future

The Siroco Engineering department is dedicated to the improvement, development and prototyping of all of the company’s products, standard and customized. Siroco engineers work collaboratively with their customers to find efficient and cost-effective solutions.

To start the development process, Siroco engineers analyze and define the specifications of the project: real performance of the heating and cooling systems, ventilation and air distribution, dimensional interfaces, regulatory compliance, etc. They also integrate endurance criteria (resistance to shocks and vibrations), EMC (Electro-magnetic compatibility), lifespan specifications, ergonomics and man/machine interface.

This data is then integrated into the company’s SolidWorks CAD software. Once 3D design has been validated, the prototyping phase begins, followed by characterization and qualification tests to ensure that the physical product complies with customer specifications.

These tests are carried out in Siroco’s dedicated test laboratory.

Working in partnerships

For several years now, Siroco has enlarged its R&D capacities, its areas of competencies and qualification, with the support of its parent company Sintex NP, to develop better components for each application, such as thermoplastic injection, electronics or cabling.

Adapting to climate change

To fully guarantee the real performance of its systems, Siroco Engineering built a climate control room in 2016. This state-of-the-art structure measuring 7m x 4.5m (and 3.45m in height) can house large machines and simulate diverse weather conditions, from Arctic cold to tropical heat, integrating sun exposure and humidity parameters This room enables controlled tests complying with ISO 10263, ISO 14269 and NF EN 1789 standards. Siroco, as a company, is of course ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.