SIROCO supports you passing the EN1789:2020 standard for heating and air-conditioning systems for road ambulances.


Air conditioning and heating units installed in road ambulances used to transport, monitor, treat and care for patients must meet the requirements of standard EN1789:2020. In this context, Siroco offers to help you pass and validate your heating-only, air-conditioning-only or combined heating and air-conditioning installation in compliance with the norm.


Prototyping and support for the installation of your thermal system

Siroco will guide you through the installation of the unit in the vehicle. We strongly advise our customers to consult us if possible before choosing the location of the air conditioning, heating or climate control unit in the vehicle, so that we can offer you the optimum solution in terms of air intake, installation and thermal comfort.

On our premises, SIROCO takes care of prototyping, climatic chamber testing and performance validation in the presence of an approval and certification body.

  • Prototyping
  • Expertise
  • Tests in climatic chamber
  • Validation of the EN1789 standard in the presence of a certified body


Expertise and tests in climatic chambers

Once the unit has been installed in the ambulance, SIROCO places the vehicle in the climate chamber before placing the sensors, in accordance with EN1789:2020. The engine is warmed up and the climatic chamber is set to reproduce temperatures ranging from -25°C to +45°C.

For information, the maximum size of the vehicle tested must be 7m3.


Validation of standard EN1789:2020

Siroco supports you throughout the process of validating your system in accordance with the EN1789:2020 standard. Siroco will provide you with the results of calculations and tests and, if necessary, recommend improvements, such as increasing nozzle size, improving cell insulation or increasing the fresh air ratio.


Standard units for ambulances

In terms of products, SIROCO offers a wide range of standard HVAC-AC-EHVAC-HV-EHV units available on request for equipping ambulances:

The SANOA is the modular unit by definition, available in heating and air conditioning (HVAC), air conditioning only (AC), heating only (HV), electric heating and air conditioning (EHVAC),  electric heating (EHV) versions.

The AUSTRAL PERFORMA unit, available in HVAC and AC versions, has a cooling capacity of 6.95 kW, a heating capacity of 6.85 kW and a nominal air flow rate of 410 m3/h.

The SOLANO TOP rooftop unit, available in thermal (HVAC and AC) and electric (E-HVAC) versions, offers a cooling capacity of 6 kW and a heating capacity of 5 kW for an air flow rate of 420 m3/h in the thermal version.

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