SANOA evaporator invites itself to the Dakar 2022!

Publicado en 13/01/2022


The Dakar Rally 2022 started last week in Saudi Arabia and we are pleased with the ranking achieved by PRODRIVE Hunter T1s, equipped with the SANOA evaporator. This evaporator offers a 6.3 kW cooling capacity, an airflow of 590m3/h, 3-4 fan speeds and good performance in an extreme environment. The SANOA is perfectly adapted to the rally conditions!


Congratulations to PRODRIVE team for their Hunter T1 powered by sustainable fuel.


sanoa evaporator


Find all the versions and technical characteristics of the SANOA evaporator.



Check out live timings of the Dakar 2022 here.

Good luck to Sébastien LOEB, Nani ROMA and Orlando TERRANOVA, keep on riding!

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Cover photo credit: dakar 2022 / A.S.O / @horaciocabilla

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