E-BOX, new compact, modular electric heater for small cabs

Ideal for electric vehicles, public works vehicles, agricultural vehicles, airport vehicles, highway vehicles, forklift and special vehicles.

The E-BOX is composed of a TS 400 blower and a 20PPI air filter. Easy to install vertically or horizontally at the operator’s feet, it can be set up directly on the side / rear of the driver’s seat, or embed into the dashboard. Create the electric heater you need: the air inlets and outlets are modular.

For a complete thermal solution, you can complete the unit with the CP2S control panel, PVC air ducts and P/A/P ducts and Sensyo II 84 air diffusers. It is possible to add sleeves/cap and a 20PPI filter.

Riassunto tecnico

  • Ventilazione a 3 velocità
  • 3 potenze di riscaldamento
  • Tensione di riscaldamento: 24V, 48V, 80V, 96V (altro su richiesta)
  • Tensione di alimentazione: 12V o 24V
  • Fornito con kit di installazione
  • Viti e staffe su richiesta
Richiesta di informazioni
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Dati tecnici
Tensione di riscaldamento ventilazione elettrica peso portata d'aria nominale capacità di riscaldamento
24V 100W 5.8 kg 200m3/h 1 kW
48V 100W 5.8 kg 200m3/h 1.5 kW
80-96V 100W 5.8 kg 200m3/h 2.1 kW