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Slash electrical solutionCalefacción eléctrica

Heating capacity

Tests were performed in SIROCO and values are given for the following nominal operating conditions: Air inlet temperature: -20°C, Nominal air flow, Nominal heating voltage.

Air flow

Aeraulic curves (air flow/pressure) have been established on SIROCO test benches. Nominal values are given at zero back-pressure (0 Pa). Ventilation test voltage is 13 Volts (12V nominal). Ventilation test voltage is 26 Volts (24V nominal).

PTC Technology

Siroco electric heater solution is based on PTC technology.

PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) heating elements are ceramic resistive elements. Their electrical properties vary depending on the temperature. In the field of operation, a minimal temperature drop causes a significant drop in the resistance value, increasing current and thus electrical power. It creates a balance between the heat flow generated by the PTC element and heat dissipation into the air flow. Therefore, this balance and PTC ceramic temperature is highly dependent of air flow and ambient temperature.

… the colder it is, the more powerful the heater is !
 When it’s cold, heat dissipation becomes more efficient, resulting in a cooling of the PTC ceramic component. This cooling causes a decrease of the PTC resistivity. Thus, the electric power increases up to reach a new balance. This property makes PTC resistors ideal for heating applications. 
Safety is inside PTC technology
Conversely, a rise in temperature of the heating element leads immediately in electric power decrease. There is therefore no risk of overheating. Safety is inside PTC technology.
Using PTC technology, Siroco provides efficient, robust and secure electrical heating solutions.