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Living in the comfort zone

Our core business

Siroco designs, develops, manufactures, assembles and commercializes HVAC systems, including air conditioning and ventilation and air diffusers for industrial vehicles, as well as special and leisure automobiles.

Drawing on 34 years of experience, Siroco responds to the needs of industrial vehicle makers who are constantly seeking to offer more comfort and higher levels of performance for operators.

In a highly competitive market, the need for differentiation is increasing: better ergonomics for drivers and perceived quality of interior cabins, thermal comfort, efficient air distribution and electronic control.

Siroco works collaboratively with its customers at every stage of development, from initial design to serial manufacturing, via qualification tests, prototyping and industrial rollout.

Leveraging its development capacities, know-how and skills, Siroco provides its customers with efficient, innovative and competitive solutions.

Solid and Supportive Shareholders

Siroco is part of the Sintex NP group, European leader in the transformation of plastic materials, precision cutting, electronics and cable harnesses. For each application, Siroco also benefits from the expertise of Sintex NP to develop better technical solutions, such as plastic molding for dashboards or cabling for construction machines.

With the support of its shareholder, Siroco operates in project mode and applies its demanding industrial and quality culture to everything it does. Beyond the European market, where Siroco is well established, the company has built up a strong position in Japan and Korea and is currently developing its business in the Indian market, through close ties with Sintex Industries, headquartered in Gujarat.

Our Commitment

The people at Siroco are passionate about their business and apply the values and principles of the company in everything they do, every day:

  • Innovation:

    Adaptation to the specific needs of our customers is the driving force of our project developments and our performance. To anticipate on future needs, we have implemented a demanding action plan, enabling us to respond to changing customer requirements.

    Our product range evolves on a regular basis, often based on significant technological changes (universal electronic controller for electrical heating) or alterations in design (Sensyo line of air diffusers).

  • Customer satisfaction:

    Our customers expect Siroco to be totally committed to their projects. This is why our company spirit, our customer-focused culture and our active listening are all geared to achieving total quality, perceived reliability and responsiveness.

    Every day, our organization is mobilized to meet demanding quality, cost and service criteria, which are measured on a monthly basis.

  • Quality:

This principle is closely linked to our customer satisfaction policy. Siroco is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, and we also benefit from specific customer certifications for the supply of original equipment. The goal of our internal quality criteria is to produce high-performance and reliable zero-fault units.

  • People commitment:

Our employees fully adhere to our values. They consider that their work is an essential element in ensuring performance and sustaining our company’s future.

  • Respect:

This principle applies to all the company’s internal and external stakeholders: harmony between colleagues at work, customer consideration, commitment to good customer/supplier relations, satisfaction of contractual conditions.

Our product offer

Siroco makes five main lines of products for its customers:

  • Water and electrical heating

  • HVAC with a complete line of evaporators

  • Ventilators and air extractors

  • Air diffusers

  • Accessories et connections

All of Siroco’s products are assembled by dedicated and qualified teams, working to the most demanding quality standards (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001). Siroco constantly adapts its standard product offer and develops specific solutions for its customers. The specialists at Siroco Engineering work collaboratively with the company’s customers to design, test and prototype efficient and economical solutions.

Serving our customers

Beyond the manufacturing of quality products, Siroco’s service policy is based on flexibility and responsiveness. To ensure deliveries, for example, Siroco adapts its industrial operations to its customers’ supply-chain systems. Siroco uses an ERP to organize programmed and guaranteed deliveries of small and medium-size series.