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Découvrez l'article  "Using simulation tools in HVAC development" dans la catégorie "Products and Services" de la revue annuelle Advanced Lift-truck Technology International dédiée aux derniers concepts et développements pour chariots élévateurs, véhicules de manutention de conteneurs et véhicules autoguidés.

[...] "Air flow and thermal simulation are perfectly adapted to defrosting optimization and to air diffusion quality. “After having created the forklift external environment – thermal conditions, radiation, inertia – with data inputs, we observed the increase in air temperature in order to study the heated areas of each panel of glass."

Thermal simulation is significant to the performance/compactness ratio of Siroco’s standard and tailored products. “As well as customer demands, we optimize the electrical consumption, dimensions, general performances and load losses of our product catalog,” says Perraud."[...]